Thank you for considering Julie Furtado - Photography!

I've always been fascinated with the way photography makes time stand still and how moments and expressions that may have otherwise been taken for granted are cherished and remembered through images.  Through my experiences as both a parent and a teacher,  I've come to appreciate all of the different personalities and natural curiosities of both people and animals.  I find it very rewarding to be able to combine my love for children, animals, and photography in my daily life. 

My goal for your session is to create images that truly represent your family, preserving memories for you to enjoy for many years to come! 

Side note:  We may need our own photographer to put an end to these remote-selfie, family photos soon...


During your session, I prefer not to strictly pose and I'm open to any requests, or ideas you may have.  I will take a variety of shots and keep shooting until I've captured the essence of your family. 

Within days (sometimes hours!) after your session, I will post a preview of your session on my Facebook business page. Please let me know before or during your session if you prefer NOT to see a preview. 

Approximately 1-2 weeks following your session, you will receive the password to your online gallery. At this time, you can share your password with your family and friends. When you've selected your favorite images, you can place your order online or contact me to discuss additional size and product options. Once I receive payment, I will process your order. Please keep in mind that printing and delivery will take additional time depending on the products or services requested.


What to wear depends on your preference or style and what you and/or your child feels comfortable in. 

Newborns and babies photograph best in their birthday suits or a simple onesie.  I also have a variety of hats and diaper covers I bring along. 

Some tips for all sessions:

-Simple clothing will give your portraits a timeless feel and keep the focus on your faces. Neutral colors always look great but, I do encourage bright colors and the use of textures if it suits your style! 

-Unless it is meaningful to your child or family (and something you want remembered), try to avoid large logos or characters on clothing. 

-When photographing more than one person, there is no need to wear identical clothing but, coordination is key. I recommend keeping clothing similar in tone or style.

-Bare feet often look great in photographs!

If you are unsure, feel free to choose a couple of outfits. I'm happy to help you choose at the start of your session and I'm more than willing to accommodate changes in clothing during your session. 


Sessions generally last about an hour but, may be longer or shorter depending on your family.  Some children need time to warm up and sometimes we need to take a short break for snack, diaper/clothing changes, or simply because young children get restless and need a break. 

For outdoor shots, the best light falls in the early morning and late afternoon/early evening.   A "picture perfect day" is often generalized as a clear, sunny day. This is rarely true. Sun is great at the right time of day but, the harsh, mid-day sun rarely flatters anyone. 

*For beach portraits (and other locations with limited open shade) - early evening is ideal.  At this time, the light only gets better, while in the morning, it can be a race to get good shots in before the sun is too bright. During the late spring/early summer months, the sun rises very early and it can be too bright as early as 8 AM.  


The best time to photograph a newborn is within the first two weeks after birth when your baby is less easily disturbed and will curl up easily. Please allow extra time for newborn sessions :)


You name the place: your home, backyard, favorite park, beach, or farm. You may even choose a favorite family activity such as sledding, cooking, a sport or game, the playground, apple/strawberry picking - anything you can think of!  Young children and pets are often more comfortable in familiar locations. This way, the session will feel more like a play date than an appointment. I enjoy capturing the natural expressions of subjects who are engaged in a favorite activity. 

Whenever possible, I shoot outdoors and with natural light.  Some situations may warrant additional lighting, indoors and that is fine too! The best locations for outdoor portraits have plenty of open shade. Indoor sessions are best planned in a bright location where there is a lot of natural light.


What should we bring or have ready for our session?

You can bring anything that is special to you, your child, or your pet. (Blankets, outfits/accessories, stuffed animals, toys, etc.)  You may want to think about your goals prior to your session. What kind of images are you looking for? What do you want to be included in your photographs? What do you want to remember your child/pet doing? Are there any specific poses you want to try? Any milestones you want to capture? Does your child have a specific interest or hobby that you want to remember? (For example, your 3 year-old may like to dress-up as a super hero or  maybe he/she is a budding artist) 

*For Dogs - I recommend exercising your dog(s) before our session so that they are more relaxed during it.  If there is a special treat or you that your dog responds to, please bring it along. 

How many photos will I see?

The amount per session varies but, you can expect at least 30-40 final images. I will take as many photos necessary to capture the personality of your child or pet. After your session, I will select the best shots and process and retouch each one individually to bring out the best qualities. You will see all processed images. 

Can you retouch the photos?

Yes! I can remove small cuts, scratches, bruises, blemishes, and anything else that you see as a minor "imperfection" at your request. 

Can I buy the digital images?

You can purchase one, a few or all of the hi-resolution images from your session!  Digital orders include both color and black and white versions of each image. With the included reproduction release, you are free to save, share, copy, and print these files.  Mini-session and events generally include digital images.